Skydive FAQs

Here are our FAQ’s:

Do I need to bring Photo ID?

Yes! You have to be 18yrs or older to fill out our waiver. No your parents can’t sign for you. Bring ID!

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, we can safely take someone up to 230 lbs for a tandem. Those over 215 lbs it is important that they are physically fit.

Are there any age limitations?

You must be 18 years old and show a valid ID. No parents can’t sign for kids. NO EXEPTIONS! There is no upper age limit as long as you are healthy.

Do I need to arrive early?

Yes! You need to be here 30 minutes before your appointment. Please don’t be late. We run a tight schedule to maximize your and others vacation time so please be on time.

How do I book?

Over the phone. We will need a confirmed number of jumpers, a name, a credit card and a phone number. Due to our continually changing schedule we are not offering online reservations at this time.

Is there a booking fee or deposit?

No! We do need a credit card to hold the spots but nothing gets charged to it. Unless you do not cancel within 24hrs and don’t show up. We charge the $75 per person for a no show fee.

Will I get charged if we can’t jump due to weather?

No! We will try to reschedule your jump to the following day or cancel completely at no charge.

Do we get Refunds?

Yes! If the weather is bad and you show up and can’t jump. No! If you get in the plane and chicken out.

How far in advance should I book?

Sometimes we can fit you in the same day you call, but don’t count on it. We recommend a few days to a week in advance. Do not hesitate to call and ask if we have an opening.

What clothing should I wear?

Dress in casual seasonably comfortable clothing like pants or shorts (not white) and t-shirt. If you wear shoes you need to be able to tie them. No flip flops

Do I need shoes?

No! You can jump barefoot.

Can I wear my Glasses?

Yes! We have goggles that fit over your glasses.

Do I jump alone?

No! This is a tandem skydive so you will have an instructor strapped to your back. Our plane will take up 2 customers at a time.

Can I bring my own camera for the jump?

No, due to numerous safety reasons you cannot jump with your own camera. You are welcome to bring your camera for the airplane ride up. The view is absolutely amazing.

How fast do I freefall?

Freefall averages 120 miles per hour or 176ft per second.

Are the landings hard?

Normally there is less impact than jumping off a chair.

Can we jump any day?

As long as we are open and the weather is above VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and safe minimums. Clouds, rain and wind may cause some delays depending on the severity.

Can spectators ride in the plane?

No! We can only take up jumpers.

Can I breathe in freefall?

Yes, however the excitement may leave you breathless!

What does it feel like?

We cannot describe the unique sensations you will feel, but we will tell you that it will be your most exhilarating experience yet!

How long do I freefall?

You will freefall for around 30 seconds.

Will I be scared?

It is normal to be apprehensive about jumping from an airplane. The airplane ride up is typically where most students feel the most anxiety, but few jumpers report feeling anything but exhilaration once they’ve left that door!

What height will we jump from?

You will jump from around 9,000ft above the ground.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?

By FAA regulation, all intentional parachute jumps must be made with a single harness, dual parachute system with both a main and a secondary, or reserve, parachute. Basically, if one doesn’t work, you have another one. The reserve parachutes are inspected and repacked every 180 days by an FAA-certified rigger whether they’ve been used or not.

What if something happens to my instructor?

Our tandem gear is equipped with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) which will deploy the reserve parachute at a preset altitude.

Skydive FAQs